Benefits of the Pinhole Surgical Technique

If your dentist has told you that surgery is needed to correct a receding gums diagnosis, you are probably concerned and fearful of what lies ahead. However, if you choose the pinhole surgical technique, those worries will subside very quickly. This surgery is used for receding gums and is preferred by many patients. You’ll feel the same way upon learning the many benefits that it offers.

The traditional receding gums surgery used tissue grafts and sutures. This method required the patient about three weeks’ recovery time. The new technique is sophisticated and updated, allowing the patient an easier surgery and minimal recovery time. But, those are only the beginning of the many benefits offered with this surgery option.

A tiny pinhole is made using a needle right above the affected area. A small instrument is then used to reposition the gum so that it covers exposed tooth areas. Patients using the pinhole surgery technique respond by saying that it is comfortable, and they enjoy the faster recovery time. Who has three works to lie around simply waiting to recover?

pinhole surgical technique

This surgery is less-invasive, so many of the fears that you have are of no concern. You can entrust the dentist to perform the surgery with minimal work needed for success. The dentist will numb and clean the affected area and then make the pinhole stick. At this time, an angled instrument is used to free the tissue and slide it into the proper position. Once this is complete, the dentist inserts collagen strips that reinforce the placement of the gum and promote faster healing.

Additional advantages of the pinhole gum recession surgery include:

·    You can provide treatment to multiple teeth at once using the pinhole method, whereas traditional gum recession treatment requires multiple visits

·    Most patients report no pain with the surgery. Some patients do report mild discomfort that generally subsides the day following surgery. For patients with dental anxiety, sedation dentistry options are available to ease the worries even more.

·    No diet restrictions. In some tradition gum recession surgery treatments, patients must adhere to a soft foods diet during the three-week recovery period. This surgery does not require this soft food diet to be followed. In fact, there are no dietary restrictions at all.

·    No sutures involved!

·    No cosmetic damage to the mouth – the pinhole is virtually undetectable the next day.

These benefits are all exciting, but only begin to detail the many received when you choose this surgery. It is the best option available to you, hands down.

The pinhole technique for gum recession surgery has been used successfully on many patients, and you can be the next to get the results that you want without the hassles that you do not. The surgery is risk-free, thanks to years of research and testing. You can count on the pinhole surgery to provide the results that you want and need. It is the best option when you need gum recession surgery.