The importance of losing weight with water

There are some surprising issues and complexities to do with natural water in relation to folks trying to lose weight. It was always a well known natural fact that water was a big help in helping folks to shed their excess weight. But go to places like sati and help yourself to some surprising facts and information. For the time being, we give you only brief highlights on what has been collated on sati for your benefit. Listen to this.

The body is naturally inclined to rely on water intake to subconsciously ward off those typical hunger pangs. The health advocates have always waxed lyrical on drinking water to keep weight levels to a healthy minimum. But it is possible that excess water can seep in and that can run counter to keeping the weight down. It also goes to prove the fact that low calorie diets designed to lose weight are not all that it was cracked up to be.

When it is forced into a low calorie diet, the body is forced to respond in kind. It turns to burning its own calories in a specific order. Excess glucose is stored as glycogen in the liver and muscles in hydrated form. Fat gets stored here a lot more tightly. Glycogen becomes attached to water molecules. And then the consumption of glycogen allows the water molecules to be excreted by the body while glucose reserves are depleted by the body in its vain attempt to lose weight.

Initially, body weight is reduced. But then the body starts to crave more water and glycogen. Because the body now craves this, its cells start to soak up every ounce of glucose molecules it can get access to. And while it does that, it binds water molecules. And there you go; you are back to square one. The excess weight you were trying so hard to lose gets packed on all over again. It seems so strange because fat does not like water.

It is what you call hydrophobic. Of course, it also holds more calories than glycogen. While weight is being lost through low calorie dieting, essential fat could also be lost as well. To keep the healthy balance right, folks should not only be watching what they eat but what they drink as well. That is like stating the obvious because by now, we all know that high caloric sodas with loads of sugar in it are definitely off the menu.


Water is always on the menu. It is just a matter of the correct intake. Remember the age old advice? Well, as it turns out, it still applies today. Eight glasses of water is necessary. Going over that limit might be counterproductive. There is even new science that suggests that drinking less than these eight glasses of water a day is the healthy way to go. But then again, folks would have to start watching their sodium intake a lot closer as well.